General Terms & Conditions

*** Added or revised terms and conditions for 2020 (added 20-03-2020) ***

These adjustments apply to all bookings made for stays in 2020.


Terms and conditions: The change can only take place if the full amount of the original booking has been paid. If the new amount is higher than the original amount, only the difference is due. If the new amount is lower than the original amount, the main booker receives a credit voucher for the difference.
The original or revised booking must take place in 2020. The booking can be changed once.

1. The payment term has been relaxed: the full payment must now be made 4 weeks before arrival. This was previously 8 weeks.
2. The cancellation policy has been relaxed: Only the rent is due. In case of cancellation not earlier than 4 weeks before the planned date of arrival, the rent is due. If canceled earlier than 4 weeks but not earlier than 8 weeks before the planned date of arrival, 75% of the rent is due. In all other cases 50% of the rent is due.

All other terms and conditions remain unrevised.

*** End of revised terms and conditions for 2020 ***

CostaCabana tries to keep the conditions as clear and short as possible. Please read the conditions carefully, because you (the hirer) as well as CostaCabana are bound to the rights and duties based on these conditions. You affirm and accept the following conditions through your reservation at CostaCabana.

Type of agreement

CostaCabana acts as representative/middleman for the property owner and arranges only the conclusion of the hire contract between tenant and property owner. After the conclusion of the contract, the contract is always in effect between tenant and property owner. Between both parties there are rights and duties by means of that contract. In this contract CostaCabana is considered as representative of the property owner. The person, in whose name the booking is effected, is defined as tenant.

Correct indication, acceptance

The party

For every accommodation there is a maximum number of persons allowed. It's the tenant's duty to state the age of the group members as well as their combination before arrival. At violation of the limit of the permitted number of persons without explicit permission in written form by CostaCabana, the stay can be denied without reimbursement of costs.

Age limit

Some accommodations can not be hired by youngsters. The minimum average age is mentioned at the accommodation's description. If it turns out that the tenants' party doesn't have the required average age for the accommodation (excluding children below 12 years), the stay can be denied without any reimbursement.


In many accommodations pets are prohibited or are only allowed for a fee. If you arrive with them without explicit permission in written form, the stay can be denied without any reimbursement.

In general

CostaCabana reserves the right to deny the stay or to cancel the reservation.

Payment conditions


As soon as CostaCabana accepted your reservation and the tenant has effected a partial payment of 35% of the full amount, the booking is secured. As long as the first payment is not made, the reservation of the accommodation will be unsecured, and open for booking by other parties. If the first payment is not received within 5 days after the booking, CostaCabana can cancel your reservation. The remaining amount has to be remitted at least 8 weeks before the start of the term of lease. Failure of timely payment will be seen as cancellation by the tenant, and will carry cancellation costs as set out in Cancellations. If between the day of the reservation and the start of the term of lease are less than 8 weeks, you have to pay the full amount immediately. Important: With the booking you receive a reservation number, mention this number with your payment. If you don't mention the reservation number, CostaCabana can't relate the payment to your booking.

Change in reservation

It is not possible to change accommodation or period after acceptance of the reservation. Changes in occupancy or additional services may be possible, but are subject to availability. These changes can carry a change fee of € 35.


Cancellation by the tenant

At cancellations not earlier than 4 weeks before the planned arrival, you have to pay the full amount. At cancellations earlier than 4 weeks, but not earlier than 8 weeks before the planned arrival, you have to pay 75% of the full amount. In all other cases you have to pay 50% of the full amount. You must send cancellations directly per email to CostaCabana and furthermore you have to send the cancellation in written form to CostaCabana. The day of the reception of the written confirmation is considered as the day of the cancellation.

Cancellation by CostaCabana

If there appear any circumstances causing a cancellation of the already reserved holiday accommodation, the tenant will be informed about that as soon as possible, and if possible CostaCabana will offer an alternative. If this alternative is not accepted or if CostaCabana can't offer any alternative, the already paid amount will be reimbursed. The tenant has no more rights than the reimbursement of the already payed amount.


CostaCabana makes use of a damage fund/deposit waiver, most of the (small) damages can be payed to the property owner with the fund. The waiver fee is non-refundable. In case of damages above € 500,- CostaCabana, representative and/or the property owner will hold you liable and will persue reimbursement from you or your insurance. If there is a security deposit mentioned:
We ask you to transfer the security deposit by bank before arrival. If you did not: At arrival you have to pay a security deposit in cash to our local representative. They will charge a small fee for processing. The deposit will be reimbursed on your bank account within 14 days after your departure. Hereof the charges for missing or damaged objects in the accommodation will be taken. All damages and missing objects, which are not reported to CostaCabana within 24 hours after arrival, will be considered as damages caused by the tenant.

Groups of friends and youngsters (average age between 18 and 28) pay a security deposit as mentioned. This deposit is your excess liability. Damages occurred will be deducted first from your security deposit. For damages above the paid security deposit, but below € 500,- the damage fund will be used. All damages above the total reimbursement will be pursued from you or your insurance. Other tenants pay - if mentioned - the security deposit as stated on the booking page on the web site. The tenant has to announce his full address and bank details (account number, IBAN and BIC-Code) to the representative at check-in in order to be able to return the (remainder of) the security deposit.

Arrival and departure


The tenant can collect the keys on the arrival date between 16.00 and 21.00 at the local office. The representative will handle the check-in. At the check-in the tenant has to pay the deposit in cash. After receiving the deposit the representative will surrender the keys to the tenant. If you need sheets or towels, you have to order those at least 3 days before arrival with the reservation form. If you can't arrive at the local office in time (between 16.00 - 21.00) because of certain circumstances, you should contact the local office as soon as possible but before 20.00 at the arrival day. You can make another appointment for the check-in.
Attention: The additional costs for a check-in between 21:00 - 24:00: € 50,-, after 24:00: € 150,-, to be paid in cash. At check-in the tenant needs to show a copy of the valid reservation form of CostaCabana and valid passports of the party to the representative at arrival.

Local services

The supplied local services are executed by parties assigned by CostaCabana or landlord. Internet connections have a data limit per week.

Tourist Tax

Since 2013 Catalonia decided to raise a tourist tax. This tax applies to persons aged from 17 years and will be counted for a maximum of 7 days. For a stay of 7 days or more you pay 3.50 Euro per person. Since March 28, 2017 the Tourist tax has been set to 7.00 Euro per person These are the last known tariffs, CostaCabana can not be held responsible for any changes in these taxes.


The tenant has to leave the house before 10.00 on the departure date. If the tenant leaves the house later without explicit permission of CostaCabana, CostaCabana is entitled to deduct a maximum of 100 Euros per hour from your deposit. The keys must to be returned no later than 10:30 at the local representative office. The tenant must leave the house in an orderly state.


Cleaning of the accommodation by CostaCabana

Your accommodation will be clean at your arrival. The cleaning teams of CostaCabana will make sure that the accommodation is well cleaned at your arrival. Any comments or remarks about cleaning or inventory needs to be made on the arrival date (= within 24 hours) to the representative. The tenant of the accommodation must leave the accommodation as found at his arrival.

The cleaning of the accommodation by the tenant
At leaving the accommodation the tenant has to take care of the following things:

If you don't leave the accommodation as described as above, CostaCabana will charge your deposit for additional cleaning with a maximum of € 250,-. If hired bedlinen are torn, have stains (like henna tattoos, ink) or are otherwise damaged or rendered unusable, CostaCabana will deduct the replacement cost from the deposit.

Right of access

All personnel, employees or delegates of CostaCabana have the right to enter the accommodation at all times. CostaCabana or it's representative will try to inform the tenant before entry.


Not all of the in the description mentioned sport facilities, swimming-pools, playgrounds, restaurants and other public facilities are opened every day or the whole year. CostaCabana is not liable for third party services if these were not accessible for any reason during your stay.
Several accommodation mention the availability of a WIFI connection. It is good to know that the availability and speed of the internet connection will likely deviate from the connection you are used to. The usability, availability and speed of the connection is therefore not guaranteed.

Public facilities

It is possible that during your stay some utilities (eg water, electricity, gas) temporary disruptions in the supply occur. Costa Cabana has no influence here, and can not be held liable for such interruptions. If the accommodation has gas bottles, it could be possible that the gas is going to be empty after a while. If there are no gas bottles kept in reserve at the accommodation, the representative will replace the bottles within two working days after reporting this to the local office.


Tenants' liability

During your stay in the accommodation as a tenant you are fully responsible for the rented accommodation, inventory and other items belonging to the accommodation. Damages caused by your fault and / or your travel companions should be reimbursed for replacement value, and is due immediately to the representative. CostaCabana is entitled to use the deposit for tis. Between 22.00 – 8.00 the tenant should respect the neighbors' sleep and so the party should not cause any nuisance. In case of extreme damage to property or serious nuisance to residents caused by tenant, CostaCabana has the right to cancel the contract immediately without any refund.

Liability of CostaCabana

CostaCabana and / or representative acts as representative of the owner and therefore CostaCabana is not responsible for anything more than being the middleman between the tenant and the property owner/hirer. In any case CostaCabana can only be held liable for the paid rental fee by the tenant.
CostaCabana is not responsible for loss, theft, damage or injury of any kind caused to or by tenants of CostaCabana mediated accommodations. CostaCabana is not liable for any nuisance during the stay, the disfunction of technical equipment of the accommodation, temporary outages or disruptions of water and / or energy management, road- and / or construction work in the surrounding area.
CostaCabana is responsible for the accuracy of the description of the accommodation. However, the description and impressions of the accommodation and the immediate area, including facilities, equipment and so forth can due to their nature or due to interim changes or season influences differ from the description on the website of Costa Cabana. CostaCabana is not responsible for any not reproachable mistakes in the description as it appears on the website.

Should you, despite of all the care and effort of CostaCabana and the local service office, consider that you have a legitimate complaint regarding your holiday home, you must notify this immediately to the local service office. If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you have no later than one month after departure, to report the complaint by email to: [email protected] Please write clearly your booking number and name of the villa. The complaint will be handled with the greatest care. Complaints that have not been notified locally will not be considered.

Special conditions

Any accommodation can have their own terms. These conditions are considered to be added below.