Tossa de Mar – Beautiful little town

Lovely village at the Costa Brava, Spain

Tossa de Mar is an old fisherman’s village that is located on the South end of Costa Brava.

The Coastline

The beaches are tucked into the edges of the mountains which lends to a very unique experience for sunbathers. They also provide some extra-ordinary views.

The town is essentially split into two areas – old town where historical discoveries are located, and new town where modern establishments can be found.

The Climate

The climate in and around Tossa de Mar consists of nice, warm temperatures during the summer. The summer is the most popular time of year for tourists to enjoy lounging on the beautiful beaches.

Spring is usually a mixture of sunny days and rainy days.
Fall tends to be the rainiest season of the year. This is when the majority of rainfall occurs to replenish the land and promote the lush growth that can be seen throughout the region.

Winter is cool to cold, and is the season where you will find the least amount of tourists.

The Attractions

Tossa de Mar Old Town: This is where you will find a great deal to see and experience. There is a medieval neighbourhood called Vila Vella just inside the walls. The ruins of old Roman walls dating back to the twelfth century were discovered early in the twentieth century, along with the ruins of Roman houses.

The main entrance to the old part of the town is the Entrance Tower. Upon entering the old part of town, you will discover a courtyard where you will be able to climb stairs to the top of the walls. From there, you will be treated to a magnificent view of the bay.

Within the old town, there is a mixture of restaurants and homes along narrow streets that are lined with fauna.

Tossa de Mar New town includes more modern residential and business establishments. Although the old part of town remains a favourite, it is well worth seeing new town as well.
Tossa de Mar was a favourite meeting place for artists and writers during the beginning of the twentieth century. Painters, sculpture artists, and writers gathered to discuss and share ideas about art. Chagall, Georges Kars, Andre Mason, Metziger were a few of the well-known artists of that era who frequented the town. There are a number of art galleries that have exhibits from local artists, and Spaniards from other locations.

Along with the arts, there is a great deal of architecture not to be missed. These sites include ancient buildings and cathedrals.

The Cuisine

Tossa de Mar offers a varied culinary experience that tends to cater to tourist fare. For tourists that like to experience the cuisine of the locals, they would need to go to the restaurants outside of town. One of the local specialties is Paella – a combination of rice, vegetables, and Mediterranean Sea food such as lobster, clams, and mussels. Other delicacies unique to the region are fideua which is sea food noodles, and arros negre which is rice with cuttlefish ink.

Top off your dining experience with a glass of Sangria – a mixture of wine, lemonade, sugar, and Mediterranean fruits. This wine producing region is known for Sangria that is made using local Champaign.

The Things to Do

The surrounding areas of Tossa de Mar offers one of the best scuba diving locations in the Mediterranean. They have what is called a “unique underwater natural park”.

Visit, swim, and relax at one of the three beaches located in Tossa de Mar. One beach area is located behind the walls of old town, another is situated in front of downtown, and the third is on the other side of the bay.

Although the average age of tourists to this area is a little older than many of the other regions of Costa Brava, there is great night-life for those who enjoy some night-time fun.

There are many other adventures that can be found within the town and in the surrounding areas, such as mountain biking and hiking.


The villa areas are divided into urbanisations. Here you find some of them described.

Santa Maria Llorell

Santa Maria Llorell is built around it’svery own bay at the Mediterrenian Sea. Very close to Tossa de Mar, with it’s own private beach. This urbanisation is very well maintained, with lots of trees and bush. Tennis coursts, a restaurant and a supermarket are present.
Santa Maria Llorell is a ‘gated community’, what makes it very safe and secure.