About Catalunya

An autonomous region of Spain

Catalunya – more commonly known as Catalonia, is one of the most beautiful regions in Spain and it is a popular tourist area, especially for sunbathers. The beaches at Costa Brava are fabulous!

Not only is this area known for the beaches, but there is lots of culture, history, and many sights to see. The Catalonia region stretches over a large area and has some of the most spectacular scenery – from dramatic mountain peaks, to beautiful isolated coves, and kilometres of coastline and beaches.

Costa Brava is one of many areas that are in Catalonia. Before 1950 when the tourists started to frequent the area, the villages of the Costa Brava were recognised as fully functioning fishing villages like Blanes. These days, it is regarded as one of the best tourist areas in Spain. It is perfect for those who enjoy the pleasures of beaches alongside the Mediterranean Sea and historic towns. There is also the beauty of the Pyrenees Mountains that make for a very interesting backdrop to the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. The combination of the mountains and coastline produce many steep rocky coves and craggy inlets. There are quite a few very enchanting sandy beaches that are hidden and private.

Costa Dorada is a little further south than Costa Brava. It offers sandy beaches on more or less flat land. It is popular with tourists that enjoy playing volleyball, waterskiing, and relaxing. This region boasts one of the hottest nightlife in Spain.

Catalan Pyrenees is perfect for the outdoorsy types with its fantastic skiing, great hiking, paragliding, windsurfing, mountain biking, climbing, and of course – the gorgeous views. It has long been a favourite vacation spot for the Spanish Royal family for many years. There is even a man-made lake for boating, rafting, canoeing, sailing, and just plain relaxing.

The Climate

The entire Catalunya region of Spain features a predominantly Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers along with refreshing sea breezes. The temperature range is 26 to 31 degrees Celsius during the summer months.

The Pyrenees Mountains have a typically mountainous climate. The winters are cool or cold. The mountain ranges get quite a bit of snow, and the lower altitudes get the occasional snowy day.

The rainy season tends to be during the spring and fall months. More rain falls in this region than in the south but these rains outcome of the rains is a rich, green countryside.

The climate is near perfect for the many wine producers in the region.

The Language

Within the Catalonia region, the primary languages are Catalan and Spanish. The immigration of other nationalities during the twenty-first century brought a number of other dialects to Spain. In Catalunya is Catalan the official language, and spoken between locals. Official Governmental papers are written in Catalan, but on request a translation to Spanish is available. These days, there is a significant amount foreign languages spoken however Catalan remains as the primary.

The Catalonia region offers something for everyone, from the beach lover to the mountain climber. And it’s all within one treasured region of Spain.